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Traffic Control Equipment

We offer compact traffic control equipment that is suitable for use on roadwork sites. Controlling the flow of vehicle traffic has never been so easy! Our quality-assured traffic control equipment comes equipped with high-powered and reliable maintenance-free batteries.

Our range of traffic control equipment is –

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble/disassemble – thus ensuring safe and quick transportation from one site to the other.

So for traffic management equipment Melbourne, traffic management equipment hire, traffic control equipment rental and traffic management equipment rental contact Message Sign Hire. Furthermore, they come equipped with ultra-bright LED for optimal viewing. The best part – all of the traffic control equipment we provide at Message Signs complies with Australian standards set for traffic management equipment.

Arrow Boards

We offer trailer-mounted, solar-powered arrow boards that are approved for use on Australian roads. Our arrow boards are ideal ideal traffic management tools for any roadwork project. They are perfect for use in and around roadwork sites as well as in events and car parks for efficient traffic management.

Our range of arrow boards is popular among our list of ever-expanding clients for their high-reliability factor. Furthermore, irrespective of the weather, our arrow boards will remain operational and continue to serve its purpose.

Variable Speed Limit Signs

We at Message Signs also provide a wide range of VSLS or variable speed limit signs. These come equipped with a full LED display that allows the equipment to display alphanumeric as well as textual data at the same time.

Other features include –

  • Capability to display speed and short safety instructions.
  • Programmable LEDs signs.

Our range of variable speed limit signs are perfect for deployment in places that need temporary enforcement of speed limits such as near roadwork sites, to keep motorists from speeding by men and women at work.

Our variable speed limit sign solutions have the following features –

  • They are easy to set up
  • They have a small footprint
  • They are safe to work with.
  • They are incredibly stable and
  • They can remain operational even in harsh weather.

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Traffic Management Equipment

We offer traffic management equipment that is approved for use on Australian roads.

Our range of traffic management equipment is perfect for use on roadwork sites and can also play a crucial role in traffic control for events or constructions projects.

Our traffic management equipment solutions come with maintenance-free batteries that allow them to remain operational for a long time. The LEDs are of high quality thus ensuring that displayed message can be viewed clearly, irrespective of the weather conditions.

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