portable traffic light sign hire melbourne

Solar Powered Portable Traffic Lights. Zero Maintenance Gel Batteries.

Easy & Convenient

√ Solar powered
√ Cost effective
√ Easy to operate

Safe & Secure

√ Transportable
√ Hydraulic mast
√ Controller with mimic display

Meets all requirements of AS4191

  • Hand held controller unit with 5m lead for programming at a safe distance from the roadway.
  • Tamper resistant, recessed multivoltage LED tail lamps.
  • Radio system allows 9 different channels.
  • 1 Watt VHF radio transceivers.
  • Onmi directional aerials (do not need aiming at each other).
  • Temperature compensated battery charging (Longer battery life, No overcharging).
  • GPS modem for SMS fault reporting.
  • Ability to link multiple units together.
  • Solar powered with intelligent charging.
  • Gel batteries (maintenance free).
  • Enclosed trailer wiring – Anti vandalism.
  • Quick, easy set up & pack up.
  • Rugged Australian designed & built trailers.
  • Removable draw bars (anti theft).
  • Stabiliser legs.
  • 12 Months warranty.

Product Specifications

Description: Portable trailer mounted traffic light system
Lamp units: LED lamps per AS 2144
Target Boards: Per AS2144
Visors: Type A, Per AS 2144
Power consumption: (In operation mode) < 1 Amp average
Power efficiency: 85% approximate
Cooling: Passive (solid state)
Moving parts in control systems: Nil (solid state, no relays)
Raise and lower: Brake winch
Trailer lighting: 8 – 32v recessed LED tail lights
Batteries: 2 x 180AH gel batteries
Cable linked handheld controller: Standard on master unit
Solar power regulated: Yes
Ov erall height (fully raised): 3485mm (approx)
Ov erall height (stowed): 2260mm (approx)
Ov erall trailer width: 1710mm (approx)
Ov erall trailer length: 3870mm (approx)
Radio linked traffic control remote: Optional
SMS diagnostics reporting: Optional
Vehicle detectors: Optional