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Roadside Signage

We are one of the leading providers of quality-assured roadside signage for effective and efficient controlling of traffic.

We are backed with experts in the sector who have specialised skills in the supply of roadside signage to ensure optimal safety is maintained on all roads.

We have years of experience researching and testing the components that make us the ideal choice for your next project.

Apart from providing our clients with quality products we also extend our support to our customers with affordable and reliable after-sales assistance.

So for roadwork equipment hire Melbourne, roadwork equipment, road safety sign hire or roadwork equipment rental contact Message Sign Hire. Contact us for more details.

Trailer Signage

We offer a wide range of trailer signs that can suit your roadside advertising needs seamlessly.

We specialise in mobile trailer signs that can also be used to control traffic in a wide range of different settings. Our range of trailer signs come equipped with solar panels and maintenance-free batteries allowing them to remain operational around the clock!

Furthermore, if you are worried about compliance well don’t be as our trailer signs are compliant with the relevant Australian Standards!

We offer trailer signs at reasonable rates so give us a call for more detail!s

Speed Advisory Signs

Speed advisory signs have become the part and parcel of Melbourne roads. It is one of the primary tools being used across Melbourne to make people aware of their speed while driving in certain areas where strict speed limits are set by the authorities.

Why Us?

At Message Signs we offer cost-efficient and quality assured digital speed advisory signs that are developed and designed to provide speed advice to drivers efficiently.

We are aware of the importance of such devices which is why we offer speed advisory signs that can display the speed of traffic from afar. Our range of speed advisory signs runs on internal battery packs that are connected to solar panels affixed on the top of the board to ensure that the device remains operational round the clock.

We offer our speed advisory products at reasonable rates. Furthermore, we will guide you with the installation process and also offer you impeccable after-sales assistance.

For more details, feel free to contact us!

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